Thursday, April 03, 2014

Weeks at the hospital

The hardest part of being a mom so far is to see my dearest in pain. I am going through that part right now. As a matter of fact, hospital is our home for now. Alya had seizures and we need to rush her to the hospital. We spent 5 days there and two weeks after we were back to the same place because the same incident. It's been a week *sigh. We even spent a night at the ICU during our first stay. That experience really give you a new perspective. I saw a family lost their son, I saw a family waiting for a miracle. Seeing them make my burden seemed so small.
This is the morning after the ICU. The most beautiful scene. That moment I know she will be alright. 

Hospitalized is really hard for a very active girl like Alya. But as always she charmed everyone. All the nurses love her. All of her visitors didn't believe that she's sick because she is so cheerful. She drinks her medicine and very brave during shots. She makes us proud like always ;)
Here are some of her photos..
Di ICU with Dr Rina Wamila

Saking bosennya, tiduran di lantai ;)

Jungkir balik di tempat tidur


Kehadian bapak uap yg awalnya ditakuti tapi akhirnya dinanti-nanti

Tidur sama bang ua
Pak ua yang selalu ditunggu kedatangannya
Disuapin kak ngah yang lagi libur
Dipangku mama mau EEG

This hospital episode is not the last. There will be more check ups, doctor's visits, and many more. I can only believe that God will strengthen me. 
I love you Kaka Aya!!!!!

On the bright side, Asha, who is usually very attached to me, now can get along to almost everyone. She stayed with her Pak Ua's family when we're at the hospital. Here is her picture when I first saw her after several days seperated.
Thank you for your understanding Ade Aca. I love you too baby girl!!

I have two strong, brave and sweet girls. I am truly blessed!!!!

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